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Health Benefits of Red Wine

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Over the years, it has been customary to have some red wine after a meal or before you go to sleep. This has become a routine to many but do you actually know the benefits of having red wine every now and then? Red wine happens to be very good for your health. Here are some top health benefits of red wine;

Lower Cholesterol

You may have not known this but it has been proven that red wine is very effective when it comes to high cholesterol. Healthy people who consume red wine have had their cholesterol reduced by 7%, on the other hand, red wine has been know to reduce cholesterol by 12% in people suffering from high cholesterol. This is one of the many proven health benefits of red wine.

Circulation and Heart Health

Research has shown that if you consume red wine, you have less risk of your blood clotting in your veins. The antioxidants found in red wine help help your veins to stay flexible and clean by protecting you from blood clots thus boosting your overall blood flow throughout the body.

Control of Blood Sugar

Consumption of red wine will help make sure that diabetes stays at bay. Research shows that red wine has a compound known as resveratrol which helps in the control of blood sugar and may help prevent you from getting Diabetes. This is very much recommended if your family has had a history of diabetes and high blood sugar.

Stop Cancer

Researchers have come to a conclusion that if you consume 3-5 glasses of red wine in a week may actually save you from any cancer that may be lurking inside you. They claim that the compound found in red wine inhibits the proteins that are responsible for cancer growth. With this in mind you are sure to be safe when drinking that much deserved glass of red wine.

Increase Bone Density

Red wine is very rich in silicon thus it is highly recommended if you have had bone problem in the past and you want to increase your bone density. It helps a lot in strengthening of your bones and making them firm.

Prevention of memory loss

If you are well over your sixties, red wine is helpful in reducing memory loss and those “senior moments”. Red wine has proven that it will help you in old age by preventing old age memory loss. Research shows that those who have been consuming red wine in their life or in any case cons it regularly have no memory loss compared to those who don’t consume red wine.

With these point in mind, it would be much advisable to stray consuming red wine once in a while. It may prove beneficial to you someday, who knows.