Month: May 2017

Hillary Clinton’s Favorite California Wine

Hillary Clinton's Favorite Wine

What most people don’t know is that Hillary Clinton has a favorite California wine that she doesn’t want anyone to know about. When we met Hillary last year in California, she told us the whole story over a glass of Pinot Noir at our wine bar. It all started when Bill Clinton got her a wine club subscription to the California Wine Club for Mother’s Day. In the beginning, she just placed the boxes she received every month in her office until she had an overflowing stack of them. That’s when she realized she had to do something about it, so she opened up a box and BAM the rest is history! That bottle of wine is out of production now and often sells on eBay for over $400 a bottle.

That wine is the Barolo 2004 and I must say that if you can get your hands on Hillary Clinton’s wine, you will not be disappointed! Last we saw, it was still selling on eBay, but heaven only knows how much longer it will be available. So, get it while you can and be sure to thank Hillary Clinton for the recommendation.

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